Monday, February 6, 2012

Playing Catch-up

Today marks three weeks since I officially became a cast member and it's been a blast. Well except for my allergies going crazy and coughing all the time plus losing my voice. But that's mostly over now so I'm moving on!
So! Three weeks have passed and I have been derelict in writing about what's happened so I'll recap.
My first week I had Traditions which is an orientation for working at Walt Disney World, we went into Magic Kingdom and it was officially my first visit! But that only lasted about 45 minutes then it was back to class. The day after that I had Food and Beverage orientation that was mostly boring but I got my non-slip shoes (not even a payroll deduction) which made it a good day. Next was my Resort orientation (called Welcome Aboard!) at the Yacht and Beach Club Resorts, which also have the Beach Club Villas, so it's three resorts in one. I adore my resort! It's downright gorgeous with a theme of New England around the turn of the century so it's laid-back and beautiful. I work at Beaches & Cream which is a soda shop with a 50's diner theme. It's adorable, especially my costume! Pictures will come soon! Next was my first day of training that Saturday which was to follow members of the culinary and server team so I knew what they were doing but I don't actually do any of what they do. Which I didn't realize until I got home afterwards. Further days of training took place and I learned how to do what I was going to be responsible for. The positions I can be assigned are:
Greeter or seater at the podium, seating people in the restaurant or telling them there's a wait and issuing a pager.
In House. here I make all the ice cream concoctions for the restaurant including our famous Kitchen Sink.
Scoop or Cash, these positions are at the To-Go counter where we serve cups or cones of ice cream and even Hot fudge sundaes and banana splits to go but no food!
Runner/Stocker/Breaker, these are supplementary roles where you spend the majority of the time in the back taking dishes to the dishroom and getting clean ones then stocking the others with toppings or ice cream and such. Breaker is fun because you get to replace the other positions so they can go on break and you get to be in each role for a little bit.
My favorite of course is Scoop or In House because then I get to make ice cream sundaes which is so much fun! Although my wrist does hurt after a long night of scooping ice cream!
After a week or so of training I took my assessment ( a written test, I got a 99) and officially I could take the "Earning my Ears" ribbon off my nametag! I was on my own, and it was a bit scary. But my shifts afterward were two days of being greeter in a row which is soooooo easy! That brings me to last week when I worked four closing shifts in a row. I am rather tired on this, the first of my two days off but I ultimately had fun. Closing means staying until about 12:30 or 1 in the morning which means not getting home until 1:45 to 2 am. Which means I don't wake up until 11 to 12 in the morning. The rest of the day always flies by after that! Now I hope to get to Magic Kingdom tonight and Epcot tomorrow but I do have some cleaning and laundry to do so we'll see if I make it. I also need to go to Walmart.... and charge my camera and post the pictures I took yesterday. So much to do and not enough time to do it in! I can still hardly believe I'm actually here!

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