Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Went to the Parks finally!

So yesterday (February 7th) I finally went to the parks! I went with my friend Stephen from school, and Christine and her roommate and coworker. Christine and Tim work at Expedition Everest so that was our first stop and we got plenty of fastpasses so we rode it twice in a row. That was my first ever roller coaster and I absolutely loved it! We had fun in the Animal Kingdom then made our way to the original, Magic Kingdom! We were starving so we got burgers in Tomorrowland then went to the Laugh Floor where they picked me and Stephen out for picking on. Next was Space Mountain which so exhilarating. I screamed so much but it was a ton of fun! Finally we went home since I had to go to work today at 10:45. I was supposed to leave at 6:15 but they asked me to stay so I did until 8:15 and I am thus extremely tired! But tomorrow I don't have to go to work until 2 so I think I will go to the Boardwalk then walk to Epcot then walk to work. Or something similar. Either way I really want to go to Epcot tomorrow so I can obtain some chocolate covered honeycomb candy bars! I took some pictures but currently cannot find my phone charger so there might not be more for a bit.

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