Sunday, February 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Week

Time is simply flying by!
I had the 13th and 14th of February off so I spent the 13th with my friend Stephen shopping! We went to the Gap outlet where I got tons of cute stuff because it got really cold here and I had nothing. Then we went to Cast Connection. This is a store for Disney cast members where they sell merchandise that is being liquidated. Usually there's something wrong with it or they are simply no longer selling it. I got tons of stuff there for presents and myself plus really cheap groceries including really really really delicious oranges. We then proceeded to the grocery store to obtain ingredients for baking cookies! We made oatmeal mini chocolate chip cookies for a Valentine's Day Eve get together at our friend Christine's apartment. THE COOKIES WERE DELICIOUS. They were all gone by 11pm. I made us dinner at his place of my favorite dish to make when I'm on my own. Pasta with butter and parmesan cheese. Simple and divine! The party was fun with crazy antics but we all had places to be the next day so it was over by 12:30.
The next day was Valentine's Day which is a holiday like New Year's for me in that I don't particularly care for it. But this time I had a blast because I spent it with Christine and Stephen. First we headed over to Magic Kingdom to see if we could catch a glimpse of the Princes with the Princesses but no luck. Instead we went on Space Mountain where a guy walking by in the fast pass lane gave us fast passes! Then we walked around and ended up eating corn dug nuggets at Casey's Corner. They were so delicious, I love corn dogs. We watched Philharmagic to let the food settle and it was adorable. Somewhere in all our walking we spied Minnie Mouse as she was getting ready to go on stage for a performance in front of the castle and she waved at us! Then we got pictures with Mickey and Minnie! Next we headed over to Hollywood Studios and it was my first visit there. I think the first thing we did was Tower of Terror and I was definitely terrified. But I plan on going back ;) We next rode Rockin Roller Coaster where we also got to use the fastpass lane without having to obtain them because Stephen chatted up the cast member. That was SO much fun! I love roller coasters. We wandered around for a while. Met up with one of Christine's friends though he was working so we just visited for a few minutes. Visited Stephen's roommate at the ABC Comissary and then we departed for Epcot. We walked through to the Yacht & Beach club and ate at Beaches & Cream! The verdict was that it's cute and delicious and we got ice cream before heading back to Epcot to see the fireworks show. That was so gorgeous and amazing I couldn't believe it. It had been a long fulfilling day so we headed home and I went to bed because I had to go to work early the next day while they met up with some friends.
Work after that was difficult to pay attention to and this last week has been one mistake after another but this week is ending and another beginning so I'm going to leave that in the past and focus on being better. Because of President's Day and the long weekend there are tons of people here. The Yacht and Beach are at 100% occupancy! And of course everyone wants Beaches & Cream. Still happy though and still amazed I'm actually in Florida living my dream. Yesterday I went to Epcot around 2:30 and wandered through before going to work at 6:30pm. It was fun and I bought a few food things from Japan and Mexico. Mexico by the way is gorgeous inside! You have to check it out!
Well I work every day except next Wednesday and then I work nonstop until the following Friday and Saturday. Short 6 hour shifts for the most part but I have the feeling I'll be exhausted by the end.

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