Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Rest Day

Well after a whirlwind of the past weekend and my first day I finally have some time to sit and think. And also unpack, figure out the rest of my life here and settle in completely. But mostly the thinking part. Having flown in Saturday around 6pm my fantastic second cousins picked me up and we went to their beautiful home in Windermere, Florida. Which is miraculously close to Disney and my apartment. I wish we could have spent more time with them before now because they are just "good people" who were welcoming and so nice. My first day we left around 8am and arrived there quarter before nine but there were already plenty of people there! The next four hours were a maelstrom of standing in line, handing over paperwork, receiving other paperwork and basically becoming a Disney Cast member. So it's official! I work in Beaches & Cream at the Yacht and Beach Club and every time I would say where I worked the Disney officials would repeat the name with longing and happiness. A few of them also mentioned the "kitchen sink" which is apparently a huge bowl of ice cream with every kind of topping they offer. So, so far so good! Will check back later!

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